About Alika

Alika Kumar

While my life demands left-brain productivity, my right brain always seeks expression. I am a business consultant by day and an artist by heart. Art allows me the freedom to dissolve all borders, and explore with my imagination. So as a citizen of the earth, and a an amazing universe,  I have made it my mission to gather world colors through my art.

I have previously exhibited in galleries in Phoenix, Glendale, Surprise, Flagstaff and in New York. My art is in the permanent collection of the Phoenix Sheraton Downtown, and in several private collections.

As an artist, I choose to give expression to my creativity by incorporating a variety of styles and mediums with a focus on color.

For example, the digital art creations are abstractions of photographs that I have taken of images that were drenched in color. These images were taken in museums, colorful bazaars half-way across the world, in churches, gardens and mid-city. Color is the key component and the various shapes of color create their own stories. The results are often surprising and enormously fun to create.

My Art Philosophy

I am motivated by the diversity of cultures, expressions, colors, shapes, life and the landscapes that cover our planet. In my artwork, I choose to celebrate the beauty, the hope and imagination. My work is an effort to reflect and honor my living experience with color, the lighter, deeper, and more positive side of the human experience.